Wednesday, December 21, 2011

13 and 14 Month

Ok I am a little behind on blog posts.  Sorry:(
Playing at the Lake

October Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Getting into Trouble

More Lake

Ian has been walking since about 2 weeks after his birthday:)

Day at the Park

Ian loved the ducks at the park!! He fed them half his lunch and chased them around trying to pet them:)

Breaking Dawn Premier Party
For those who don't know what a dork I am, every time a Twilight Saga Movie comes out Stephanie and I throw a huge midnight premier party:) This year we had a wedding reception theme for Bella and Edward! 
We had so much fun!
Stephanie and our quest of honor! 


Hanging out with Dad:)

Thanksgiving at the Ranch

Pappy and Nana got Ian an early Christmas gift:)

He enjoyed riding the real horses too! 

We went to visit Santa with Anne, Stephanie, Reed and Grant. Ian was not a Santa fan. He even started crying a week later when we just walked by a Santa at a different mall :(