Tuesday, October 25, 2011

12 Months

Ian is 1 year old!!! It is crazy how fast this last year went by. 

My mom saved all of Cody's action figures from when he was little. Ian now has all of the He-Man, Thundercats and G. I. Joe action figures to play with. 

Playing with Dad:)


Everyone came to Michael and Anne's house on Lake Livingston for the weekend to celebrate Ian's first birthday. We all had so much fun!
Pappy and Ian checking out the view.

I wanted to make Ian's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake myself. It did not turn out exactly as planned but it was fun trying and tasted great.

This is what it was supposed to look like. LOL:) Oh well I tried!

Ian got lots of great gifts. His Nana and Pappy gave him a chair with his name on it. He loves HIS chair. 

He also got a cool tunnel. 

And Coco got him a great dinosaur rider. He can use it to ride or walk behind it. 

Nana chasing Ian and his fast new dino rider!!!

Nash enjoying the party!

Mimi, our little party animal!!!

Ian's new chair is now in the middle of our living room and Ian loves to sit in it and play. 

The water at the lake is way down so there are fun beaches to play on. We decided to write a message to Michael and Anne since they were not able to be there!! Miss you guys!!

Reed and Grant babysitting. 

Granny's House

Ian and I went to Brenham to visit Ian's great grandma (Granny). He had so much fun playing with Granny's dog, Princess. 

Granny and Ian

Ian is such a silly guy these days. He is into EVERYTHING. I love watching him explore the house but it might be time for some more baby proofing:)
This is our jar of olives!! Michael and Anne planted olive trees at the lake and Whitney decided we needed to harvest them. The problem is that you cannot eat them right off the tree. You have to cure them for about a month and then jar them in vinegar for another month before they are edible. One more month and we will have olives to eat. (Or I can just run to the grocery store and have them in a few minutes.lol)