Wednesday, February 22, 2012

15 months

Once again I am behind on the blog:( 

Ian *aka* Gorton's Fisherman
At the end of December Whitney went duck hunting with some guys from work. They got a lot of birds and had a great time. 


 Ian "helping" me pack for the weekend:)
About one week before baby Spencer joins us:)
I had to go in for my c-section at 5:30am on January 19th. Jeff and Steph were nice enough to babysit Ian the night before so that we did not have to worry about him at the hospital. This was the first time that I had left Ian anywhere over night. It made me so sad but I am glad he had so much fun playing with Reed and Grant. 
Waiting for doctor on the BIG day!!!
Introducing Spencer Locke Beck
Born 1/19/2012
7lbs 4oz.
20.5 inches 
The next day Ian came to visit and meet Spencer for the first time . He was a little upset at first and refused to come to me and give me a hug. He finally began to warm up to Spencer and me. He thought Spencer might like a cracker!!!

When we finally got home from the hospital I needed some help taking care of Ian and Spencer while recovering from the c-section. Mom was nice enough to stay the first week and Anne came to help out the next week. Shannon and Dad will be coming to visit soon too. I am feeling better now but it was great having help for a few weeks. 
Finally back home!! Warm and cozy:)
Ian has decided climbing is his new hobby. He climbed into his walker all by himself, then tried to get out... This was the result:)

Ian wore himself out climbing on EVERYTHING!!!!
Spencer's first bath. 
He is not really a fan of bathing.

Mom and I took the boys to Barnes and Noble to get Ian a few new books. We thought we were not going to get Ian to leave the play area!!! He LOVES trains and trucks:)

We ventured out of the house a few more times with both boys. Ian loved riding in the big boy seat at Target since Spencer took his normal spot in the cart:)

When Anne came to visit we took the boys to the park to get Ian out of the house. He was going a little stir crazy! Anne was a good sport and chased him through the play area, climbed through the tunnels, and went down the slides. 
Swinging at the park.
Ian "helping" me put up the dishes.