Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 and 11 Months

Ian is getting so big and active these days. He is crawling so fast and pulling up on everything. He is now eating normal food like a big boy and drinks from a straw and sippy cup. It is so fun to see all the new things he discovers everyday:) AND Ian is going to have a brother January 19th!!!!!!!

10 Months

Ian loves bath time:)

And nap time. 

My poor little guy got sick for the first time last month. He had a fever over 101 all day and felt horrible. He usually sleeps about 3 hours during the day but while he was sick he slept all day and cuddled with me. Thankfully it only lasted 2 days and he was back to normal:)

Whitney and Jeff's friend Cara from Virginia was in town last month and she came over to have dinner with us. It was so good to see her and we all had a great time catching up.

Ian crawls after Whitney everyday when he leaves for work. 

Aunt Honey sent me some great fabric that makes and fluffy book when sewn together. It turned out great and Ian loves it.

Ian playing with the big boys under the table. It was so cute to see him try to play with them. 

         It has been over 100 degrees all summer so we have been spending a lot of time at the lake and in the pool. 
Splash Town

We went to Splash Town with Grangie, Stephanie, Reed and Grant. It was so much fun and there were even several slides I could take Ian down in my lap. He loved it!!!

Nap time:)

My little cowboy!

We met Pappy, Nana, and Hope at Aunt Honey's house in Austin. We had so much fun seeing everyone. 

11 Months
Labor Day

Ian's first haircut!! Whitney said Ian was getting a baby mullet so he used the clippers and trimmed up the back. 

The water is soooo low at Lake Livingston. It is usually waist deep where we are standing. It's kind of fun to have our own little beach. 

Home Again

Ian likes to get in the dog bed with Annie. Annie gets out of the bed immediately!! (Smart Dog)
Dog park with our friend Lauren. 
Drinking from a straw like a big boy!!!!