Tuesday, July 26, 2011

9 Months

Lots of pics... We have been busy:)

Ian and I went to see Pappy and Nana in Ozona and Ian got to ride a horse (Waco) for the first time:) 

Ian driving Waco!

Ian driving the Jeep

Pappy and Ian had to take a nap after so much ranchin'

Ozona has been very dry and there have been several large wild fires in the area. One of the fires got very close to our house. The trees looked like charcoal:(

To beat the heat we spent a lot of time in the swimming tank. Ian had a great time swimming and meeting new friends. 

Pappy, Nana, and Ian

4th of July on Lake Livingston

After our trip to Ozona we headed back to Lake Livingston for the 4th of July.  Ian hung out in the pack-n-play while we watched the boat parade. Too bad the parade consisted of about 3 boats:) Oh well, we still had a great time hanging out on the dock and enjoying the beautiful day!

Sunset on the lake:)


We also made a trip up to Dallas to see Coco. Ian loved playing on the neighbor's tree swing. 

Mom's doberman, Nash, was really good with Ian. He crawled all over him and Nash just layed still and let him play.


Since Ian is now pulling up we had to lower his crib mattress. It was kinda a bitter sweet moment... He is getting so big so fast:(

Ian's new ride. Thanks Reed and Grant!!!

One of our friends had a birthday party at Pinot's Pallet. Its a place you can go and learn to paint while you drink and hang out with friends. I had a great time and even Whitney enjoyed it. My picture is on the left and Whitney's is on the right.