Friday, June 24, 2011

8 months

We have been spending a lot of time at Lake Livingston and Ian likes to ride the golf cart around the neighborhood and swim in the lake and the pool. He loves to be outside:)

Michael (G-pa) came home this month for vacation from Papua New Guinea. He will be here for about 5 weeks. We are so excited to have him home for a while:) He brought Ian a Kangaroo shirt from Austrailia. It is so cute:)

Ian loves his Mimi dog:) He thinks she is soooo funny and still loves to pull and eat her ears. She is not a very smart Chihuahua because she keeps coming back for more:)

Ian is getting so big now (about 20lbs.). He is out growing his infant bath tub and has already had to switch from his infant carrier to his big boy convertable car seat.

Just being silly!

Ian doesn't really wear shoes yet but he loves his "shocks" (shoe/socks). They have fun bows to play with.

Ian is now pulling up and standing on his own and he is still army crawling. He is so curious and wants to get into trouble. So between keeping him from grabbing things off tables and keeping him from crawling away, I have my hands full:)
January 2012 Ian will be a big brother!!!!