Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7 months:)

Ian is working on crawling:) He can get up on his hands and knees but he is not sure what to do next. He has mastered the army crawl. He can travel very quickly by rolling then scooting then rolling until he gets to his destination. 

We started swimming lessons last week.  Ian is learning to float on his own. He is doing great! :)

I gave the dogs a bath outside because it was such a nice day and Mia decided to use the underside of my car to dry off. Silly Chihuahua:)

I got out a "new" toy for Ian and he loves to sit and examine it.  He even tried to pull himself up on it(Thanks Reed and Grant)

My first quilt:) I made this for a friend who has a baby due soon. It is a pretty simple quilt but it turned out ok for my first try:)



Ian thinks the dogs are sooooooo funny!

Ian has become somewhat mobile. He can roll and army crawl all over the place and he is very curious. I just let him play on the floor and see what he will find. It is very entertaining:)