Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Months!!!

I can't believe Ian is already 5 months old!!! 

Ian has claimed one of his many stuffed animals for his favorite:) It is so cute! He LOVES his tiger. He hugs it, talks to it, drools on it, and tries to eat it. 

I am still working on losing my baby weight (5 more lbs!! WooHoo!!) so I finally got out the jogging stroller and Ian, Annie, Mia and I have been walking around Buffalo Bayou almost everyday. Mia can't make it the whole way so she rides with Ian for part of the trail. I had to stop putting her in the stroller with Ian for her own safety. Ian likes to grab and pull her ears and seems to think they are teething toys:( Now she rides in the sunshade on top:)

Along the way there is a dog park and we stop so that Annie and Mia can play. It was a bit bright out so Ian borrowed my shades:) Cool dude!!!

We went to Ozona at the end of February for a family funeral. Shannon's Uncle Bud passed away:( It was a sad occasion but it was great to see everyone. And Ian was there to make Nana smile:)

We took Ian on the boat for the first time earlier this month. He had a great time and did not fuss at all on the ride. The baby vest was so big on him. Hopefully it will fit better this summer because he is going to be spending a lot of time on the boat:)
We also made another trip to San Antonio this month to see Nana and Pappy. Pappy got sick right before the trip and had to stay home and Whitney unfortunately, had to work.  We had a great time but missed them. Honey, Carl and Trent came down from Austin for dinner and Hope, Cody and his girlfriend Marta stayed at the hotel.  It was my first time to meet Marta and she was so much fun and great with Ian. I am so glad she was able to come:).  We stayed at a great place that has a spa, HUGE baby pool, lazy river, and a playground.  It will be a great place to stay when Ian is older:).  All the girls went for massages on Sunday before we had to check out and Uncle Cody watched Ian. 

Ian is eating more solid food now. I have made sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and peas so far. He loves all of them, except green beans. 

The weather was nice last weekend so Whitney and I replanted our courtyard. It turned out great!! Good job Whitney:)

I told my Aunt Honey that I wanted to start sewing. She decided I needed my own sewing machine and surprised me with one!!!! I have gone a little crazy with it. I started with a pillow because I figured that was fairly simple. I have never used a sewing machine:)

Next I made some diapers and a diaper cover for Ian. I still have a lot to learn but it has been so much fun making things. THANKS HONEY!!!!!

Ian has one tooth coming in and tries to chew on everything!!! Whitney's hat happened to be in the line of fire:) So far his teething has not been too bad. He has not been extra fussy but he doesn't sleep as well at night. Hopefully that is the worst of it:)
Also new this month: Ian is rolling over:) He can now roll from his tummy to his back and from his back to his tummy. Yea Ian!! :)