Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Months!!!

Ian is about to be 4 months old!!! He is getting so big and has changed so much. 

Ian really likes his Jumperoo!!! When he first got it he just kind of stared at the toys and then cried after a couple minutes but he figures it out more and more everyday and now he LOVES to bounce!! (Sorry the video quality is pretty bad! I'm trying to figure out the best way to format it on my computer but nothing is really working)

Ian tries to hold his own bottle and apparently he is learning sign language!! (Check out his right hand:)

Mimi still thinks she is the baby!

Hanging out in the Bumbo

Just Cuteness!!!!

Poor little guy got RSV last week and has had to be on breathing treatments. He was not a huge fan of the mask even though it was cute. (Its a duck beak and eyes) He is much better now but still has a little cough. Good news... WE both survived his first illness:)

Last week Ian and I met Pappy in San Antonio just to hang out! It was so much fun and worked out great because it is 1/2 way between Ozona and Houston. Pappy let me and my cousin Hope go out for the afternoon while he got in some Ian time!!! I think we will be doing this again soon. Especially because Ian's Nana was not able to come and Ian misses his Nana:)
We were surprised to find out that Aunt Honey and Uncle Carl were in San Antonio also to have dinner with our cousins Elizabeth and Rachel from California. We tagged along and had a great time. We had to wait at the restaurant for about 1 1/2 hours for a table and Ian was such a good boy! He slept in Aunt Honey's lap most of the time.

Thought it would be fun to let Ian dress himself one day. (I get bored) I held out two options and which ever one he hit/grabbed/tried to eat first was what he wore. I think the picture probably tells you how that experiment went. I guess his fashion sense has not kicked in yet:)

Ian loves his feet. Especially when they are bright green polka dots!!

It has been cold in Houston!! Burrrrrr!

At Ian's 4 month check up, we got the go ahead to start trying some solid foods. We have tried rice cereal and carrots so far. He gets the idea of how to get the food in his mouth off the spoon but is not real sure what to do with it after that. He usually plays with is for a few seconds then spits it out. 

On Friday Whitney had a snow day from work. Unfortunately that just means he gets to work from home so I went to Jeff and Stephanie's for the day so he could work in peace:) 

On Sunday Jeff, Reed, Grant and Archie Dog came to hang out at our house. The boys wanted to watch Diego and Ian watched too!!

Houston weather is crazy!! Friday we have ice on all the roads and Sunday it was beautiful (in the high 60s low 70s) So we took all of the kids to the playground and walked around Buffalo Bayou to enjoy the warm weather while we have it. Ian had a good time "hanging" out with his Daddy. Ian loves being outside.