Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Poor little guy

Ian had a rough start to December. He went for his 2 month check up and got his first set of shots.  At his appointment he was 11lbs. 8oz. and 22 inches tall. He had almost doubled in weight. He is already getting so big. 

The rest of the month was much better!! We started out by visiting Santa for the first time with Jeff, Steph, Reed, and Grant.

The next week we spent a few days with Coco in Dallas. Checking out all the gifts under Coco's (my mom) tree!!

We spent the weekend before Christmas in Austin at my Aunt Honey's house. We had a great time and Ian was so good and stayed up late and opened gifts with us Saturday night:)
Oops! I left Ian's baby bath tub in Austin when we left, so Ian had to take a bath in the sink. He was a little embarrassed that I took a picture but he was too cute!!! He is getting to be such a chunky little monkey:)

Mom and Ian on Christmas Day
Ian and Uncle Cody 

Ian practicing for his first pony!!
 He loved it and started crying when we tried to take him off. 

Baylor played in Houston on the 29th. So Jeff was nice enough to watch all of the kids while Whitney, Stephanie and I went to the game!! It was so much fun even though we lost. 

After the game we spent the night at Jeff and Steph's house and hung out with all the kids the next day! This is Ian getting ready to go out in the cold to watch the big kids play.

HAPPY 2011!!!!! Ian did not make it to midnight! Surprisingly his parents did!!!

Other Random Cute Pics